G Fonteneau Contracts - Groundwork contractors

G Fonteneau Contracts is your local groundwork contractor that goes beyond basic groundwork jobs. All groundwork contractors dig footings for example but we offer far more than that. Everyone knows that even the grandest building grows out of a hole in the ground that someone had to dig but that's just the start of what G Fonteneau Contracts will do for you. Go to our "Groundworks" Page to get the full story but here's a summary of our services. GF Contracts will provide

  • Footings for new buildings dug and finished to the most exacting standards
  • Installation of all underground services, drains, pipework, cable ducting etc.
  • Maintenance and repair of drains and pipework underground
  • Block paving with all preparation work
  • Driveway paving or tarmacing with preparation
  • Hire of a wide range of equipment for all groundwork jobs including red rhino hire
  • An on-site concrete crushing service.

Have you got paths to lay or an oversite to cover? Crushed stone has traditionally been used for such jobs but crushed concrete is just as good and it's cheaper. We can supply crushed concrete at very competitive prices or we can crush any concrete you already have on site without first taking it away!

Find out how on our Concrete Crushing page and meet the Red Rhino! We'll remove your surplus concrete rubble too if required.

When you've seen all that, give us a call on 07792 513304 today and talk to Gareth, Dorset's top groundwork contractor and Champion Concrete Crusher!