Concrete crushing

Do you need crushed concrete for that over site or for paths and driveways on the site? G Fonteneau Contracts can supply all the crushed concrete you need, in fact we can do better than that.

For years, concrete rubble left on site has presented a real headache. How do you get rid of it? Up to now, only by paying someone to load it all into a truck and take it away. Where did they take it to? More often than not to a crushing plant where someone else was charging for the process. Guess who was paying for all this . In the end it was you!

Crushed concrete has become accepted as a viable alternative to crushed stone. It's much cheaper of course but who supplies it? The people you just paid to remove and crush your rubble!

G Fonteneau Contracts has a better idea. Meet the Red Rhino! It's a transportable concrete crusher. We will bring along our Red Rhino 5000 Concrete Crusher to your site. It's a compact jaw crusher, about the size of a skip, self propelled to move around the site and will crush 18 to 20 tons of concrete material per hour. If you have rocks to crush as well don't worry, this mobile concrete plant is just as effective working as a rock crusher as it is handling concrete materials.

The only preparation needed for the mobile crusher is to make sure the concrete material is broken into manageable sized chunks. The Red Rhino mobile crusher will do the rest. If you have no use for the crushed concrete we will of course take it away. That's part of the service.

However, if you need crushed concrete on site, for oversite, paths, driveways or similar, it's there, re-cycled from your own material. The savings to you can be considerable. A minimum saving of about £250.00 per 20 tons can be expected. That's concrete re-cycling that really works!

If you prefer to use your own labour, Red Rhino Hire is an option. You can hire the Red Rhino 5000, subject to availability. For concrete crushing that won't crush your budget give Gareth Fonteneau a ring on 07792 513304 NOW!

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